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Build a World Where we help our seniors and disabled homeowners

Help Thy Neighbor Charity is a Dallas-based charity that serves to support senior and disabled residents in maintaining their independence in a safe and clean environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of the elderly, disabled, and veterans homeowners in the Dallas area. We find trained workers and volunteers and provide the materials to complete minor home repairs. We help with health care and hospice needs. We match their needs with the organizations that can help.

Impact Stories

20-Year Veteran-Home Repair Assistance

My wife and I want to thank Help Thy Neighbor Charity for advocating on our behalf.  You think you’ll be able to work and financially handle any problems that comes along.  Then one day you can no longer work and you find yourself prioritizing home maintenance projects.  Ultimately you get farther and farther behind and you are not going to catch up.  You are really blessed when someone like Alicia recognizes the straits your in and steps up to help.  Thank you Help Thy Neighbor Charity and the Home Depot Team for stepping up and assisting my wife and me.  Through your collaborative efforts, my wife and I have a better forever home.-Joe

Pamela's Mom— Home Care Assistance

This charity assisted me greatly with finding an organization offering nurses Home care after my mom had a stroke. The businesses were professional, answered all my questions without making me feel embarrassed to ask, and were able to accommodate my needs for mom. Also, they were of great Integrity giving me prices for the services without hidden costs. This truly blessed my family to make decisions using all pros and cons of the three agencies contacted.
I would recommend this organization for any family in need of information for their parent needs or family life situations.
KUDOS to you! God bless you for your Servanthood in the community!
Peace and Joy,

Disabled Homeowner-Landscaping Service

This organization helped me get my trees and bushes trimmed. You couldn’t see my house before they arrived. They did such a great job.-Vanessa 



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Apply for Services

To qualify, you must be a low-income resident, 65 and older, disabled, and/or a veteran. You also must live in and own your home.

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Sign-up to Volunteer

Let’s all come together to give back to our neighbors in need. Click the button below to sign up!

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Volunteer Contractors

Calling all contractors! Please join us in our efforts to help our seniors in our community. 

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